Third day in basketball

Updated: May 3, 2017

On Tuesday, 2 May 2017, the last games of the D groups took place in the Intersport Small Hall.
In addition to the D groups, the last game between the boys in Group C was also played in the Intersport Small Hall. The match was between the Serbian team and the boys from the Czech Republic. This game was not of particular importance since the Serbs were sure to be top-ranked in their group and as such, are playing against Belgium FC’s basketball players tomorrow.
The players from the boys’ Group D to fight for third place were from India and Hungary. From the beginning the Hungarians were faster, better and stronger, so they won with 30 points of difference. The game for first place in this group was between the boys from Estonia and Finland. It was an exciting and intense match that ended in a Finnish victory, and from what we hear from the Finns is that they plan to advance even further than the round of sixteen. Tomorrow Finland will go up against Israel, while Estonia will be competing against Turkey.
The last game of the girls’ Group D was between Finland and Romania. The young Finnish girls made short work of it all and proceeded to celebrate their victory after defeating their opponent with an impressive score of 91:27. Tomorrow these Finns will compete against the up-and-coming French students.
The last match of the girls’ Group C belonged to the players from Greece and Denmark. It was a most boisterous game in which the Greek sportswomen won and placed themselves second in their group. Tomorrow the Greeks are playing against the girls from the Czech Republic so we will soon see who will prevail in the next round and how far each team will get.

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