Second day in Poreč

Updated: May 2, 2017

The second day on terrain Žatika 2 began with match of girls team, Luxembourg and Deutschland.
Germans are the start of the match made clear that the victory was theirs, although the girls from Luxembourg battled to the last moments, Germans take victory with final result 40:32.
The second match played boys from Iran and Austria. Like yesterday game with Iranians and today was toned.
The first two quarter had the advantage Austrians, after that Iranians suddenly perked up and equalize score and quickly achieve a higher score. Match finished with result 41:43 for Iranians. After boys played girls.
Indian womens finished every quartet with higher score. And match finished like that, Indian womens take victory and result is 75:31. The last match played teams Denmark and Latvia.
The first was better Latvians but that changed and boys from Denmark was better. They led to the end of match and they take victory with result 75:53.
Sofija Trninić

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